Friday, August 5, 2011

A Little Help?

It has occured to me whilst scanning that some posts, like the first magazine I featured, are going to be extremely long if I intend to include most of the pages. This is impractical as it would be too much for people to ingest in one sitting despite the amount of vintagey goodness within. Instead I thought I would break up single magazines into multiple posts and link them together using the tags. If anyone (and by anyone I mean my one follower) has any suggestions regarding this please illuminate me!


  1. Hi Danny, thanks for popping over to my blog. Thrilled to know we are clock twins! 1948 you say? That's even more exciting! The case is in very good condition,I'm guessing it either sat on the same wall for a verrry long time, or stopped working donkeys years ago and has just sat in storage. I wonder, I got it at a car boot for 50p (not sure what that converts to?) Anyway, it costs more to by a can of cocoa cola. Astonishing. I love the pics of the cinema in your earlier posts. It may just be blogger being a pain, but your little 'follow' box that you click on to follow isn't displayed my sweet. :O)

  2. Hi Missy Vintage, it is amazing the quality you can get for very little money if you go vintage.
    As for the follow button, it seems to appear depending on the browser I use. I usually use the Follow link that appears at the top of the page when you're signed in to blogger.