Sunday, August 28, 2011

Vogue UK 1950

Here is one of the few fashion magazines I own, but you don’t have to be a female to enjoy these. There is a lot to like from the colourful adverts to the photography and glamorous models. One thing that stands out is the number of hand-drawn clothing adverts and the variety in hand technique, some being works of art in themselves. Some look as though they were sketched in seconds yet manage to convey glamour and sophistication as good as a photograph. It’s hard to imagine a drawing influencing people to buy today and I guess that’s why we don’t see it anymore. I dig the cover too and presume a Cadillac was used because the dust-coat being modeled was designed in New York. Also check out the maternity wear ad on the contents page. Doesn’t she keep her figure well!

More to come....

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