Friday, July 8, 2011

The Flip Side: Karen Wheeler

I thought I would fill in space between magazine posts with music, kind of like when you're on hold on the phone only the music is better. I spend about 3 hours everyday commuting to and from work and I don't mind this as I don't like driving and it gives me time to listen to music and I listen to a lot of music. There is so much to hear and with the help of the internet I don't know why anyone would listen to the radio. Yet where I live most people are content to do just that, listening to the same rap-infused crap repeated all day, everyday.

While I'm listening to my favorite podcasts, albums and scratchy 45's I often make mental notes to investigate an artist or band further on the net and youtube. By the end of the day these notes get scrambled by annoying people on the bus, annoying commercial radio heard at work, and girls who wear shorts in winter. So it may be useful to keep track of things here and maybe others will share in my musical musings.

First off, here is Karen Wheeler in 1966 doing her version of Muleskinner Blues. Although it's a great version and she has a good whistle, I'm mostly distracted by her hair!

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